AtlasCamp 2016 - Bringing Big News to Barcelona

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AtlasCamp 2016 is just a few short days away, and we'll have plenty to talk about around the campfire. Here's a preview of what brings the K15t team to Barcelona this year:

Backbone Issue Sync 2.1

The first piece of news for AtlasCamp is the 2.1 release of Backbone Issue Sync for JIRA. Backbone enables teams to collaborate on JIRA projects across department and B2B borders with ease, and with the latest release both server and cloud versions of JIRA Core, JIRA Software, and JIRA Service Desk can be seamlessly integrated. For the first time issues can be synchronized between a JIRA Server and JIRA Cloud instance, bridging the gap between different hosting/deployment models. Read more about Backbone or try it now for free.

Scroll PDF Exporter for Cloud: Private Beta

We're happy to announce that one of the most popular add-ons for Confluence Server – Scroll PDF Exporter β€“ is coming to Confluence Cloud. Both the technology and paradigm change of developing for Confluence Cloud (using the Atlassian Connect framework) required the K15t team to make a deep dive and redesign and rethink the add-on. Right now we're working closely with the Atlassian ecosystem team to deliver a full PDF Exporter experience to our Cloud customers. Although there is still some way to go, we are happy to share the first results with you. Thus we'll be announcing the private beta at AtlasCamp. Click here to sign up for the private beta.

Scroll ImageMap for Cloud: Private Beta

The ImageMap Macro for Confluence Server is a handy tool that allows users to add multiple clickable regions within images. Regions support mouseover tooltips and can be linked to Confluence content or external resources when clicked.

We've recently dusted off this pet project and redeveloped it from scratch for Confluence Cloud. We focused on user experience with a simple-to-use graphical editor allowing you to draw linked regions directly onto an image. We're excited to announce a private beta for this new add-on: Scroll ImageMap for Confluence Cloud. Click here to sign up for this private beta.

Developer Breakout Talk: Painless Add-on Development for Cloud & Server

Stefan Kleineikenscheidt, co-founder and CEO of K15t Software, will give a developer breakout talk about how to develop add-ons both for Atlassian's server and cloud products concurrently. In this developer-focused talk, Stefan will demonstrate the technology stack K15t uses to ensure that our current and upcoming add-ons are available to all customers.

Want to reserve a time for a private demo, or a chat with us at AtlasCamp? Drop us a line and we'll see you in Barcelona!