Scroll Versions 3.11: Content Reuse Across Spaces

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We're pleased to announce Scroll Versions 3.11, which introduces content reuse across versioned or translated Confluence spaces

Technical writers and authors typically don't copy-paste content between pages or different docs – they avoid replication of content whenever possible by reusing existing content. Scroll Versions extends Confluence's basic reuse capabilities by providing an enhanced Include Page macro named Include+, which has grown more powerful in the latest release.

Reuse Content Across Confluence Spaces

As seasoned Scroll Versions users already know, until now, the versioning of content and the usage of the Include+ macro was limited to the same space. Reusing a versioned page in two separate spaces required storing the content in both spaces, which causes duplication. Alternatively, you could use Confluence's own Include Page macro, but only if the included content wasn't versioned or translated. Both of these approaches were workarounds asking for a dedicated solution.

The solution comes with Scroll Versions 3.11, allowing you to reuse content from other versioned or translated spaces after mapping their corresponding versions or languages. Here's what it looks like:

As an author, you can now select which space you want to include from using the Include+ macro:

As a DocAdmin, you can now add spaces to the Include Library located in the Space Tools and thus make them available to be included from. When adding a space, mappings for both versions and languages are configured:

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3 Ways to Benefit from the New Include+ 

The possible use cases for content reuse across spaces are very diverse, so let's have a look at three:

  • Global Include Library: Creating a dedicated space for assets like logos, screenshots, or product photos that change as new versions of your product are released helps to avoid duplicating those assets. A global include library ensures consistency of content across your company, especially if assets are used by different teams, outside of just your technical writers. 
  • Modular Product Documentation: If you offer products that consist of different modules, your product documentation must be just as flexible. Say one of your products β€“ let's call it Product PRO β€“ uses modules A and B in their latest versions, while Product ECO uses the same modules, but some in an older version that is no longer quite as cutting edge. In this case, it makes sense to have the documentation for module A and B live in their own respective versioned spaces.The modular documentation process By keeping every module in its own exclusive space, this practice boosts transparency and reduces redundancy, especially as the number of products and modules increases.
  • Localizing Your Documentation: If you maintain your documentation in different languages using Scroll Translations, you'll be pleased to learn that translated spaces can also be included from using Include+. This makes it easy to include the correct localized content, for example, legal notices in various languages which are maintained in your legal space.

Get the Latest Version

If you want to benefit from these updates – and reuse versioned or translated content in Confluence more effectively than ever before – you can update to Scroll Versions 3.11 directly from the Atlassian Marketplace. Existing users can upgrade for free, and new users can try Scroll Versions free for 30 days.

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