Scroll Translations helps you manage and deliver your Confluence content to a global audience. Manage multiple languages of your documentation in a single space.

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Translate in Confluence

Translate the content of your pages directly in Confluence. Using the Original Language Sidebar you can display the original language and the target language side by side and translate the content at a glance.

Integrate Translation Management Systems

Translate the content of your pages using an external Translation Management System. Create an exchange file and send it to your Translation Management System. After translation the results can be imported into Confluence with just a few clicks.

Manage Multiple Languages in One Space

Using Scroll Translations you can manage your documentation in multiple languages in one space. Choose between 150 languages to globalize your content and make it available for your customers all over the world.

What our Customers Think

“ Scroll Translations is one of the most useful features for Confluence pages when professional localization is needed.”

Bastian Kippelt — d.velop AG

“Scroll Translations works great and is a powerful tool to manage your translations. Works great with Scroll Versions and Scroll Viewport.”

Sylvia Barron — CreateCtrl AG

“This product has been a great help for our organization in regards to localizing our content in Confluence in different languages.”

Alex Yasurek — Metidata Solutions

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