How Easy Agile Upgraded Their Documentation Solution To Wow Their Users

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With a suite of apps under their belts, the team at Easy Agile had a lot of documentation to keep on top of.

They faced some challenges when it came to editing and publishing their documentation. They also wished for a better way to deliver their content to their customers, something that would fit nicely with their brand and would allow their customers to use powerful search to find exactly what they need to resolve their queries.

Find out how Easy Agile upgraded their customer support by providing their customers with user-friendly documentation in the form of a help center.

Easy Agile: The Makers of Agile Apps for Atlassian Jira

Easy Agile is an Australian Platinum Atlassian Marketplace Partner who deliver a suite of Jira apps that help teams optimize and scale their agile processes.

Their apps enable their customers to build user story maps, customer personas, roadmaps and program plans in Jira.

The Documentation Challenges They Faced

Before creating a help center, Easy Agile struggled to manage their documentation and deliver a great experience to their users.

  • Lack of publishing control: Content had to be updated live yet they often weren’t able to publish updates reliably – it could take hours or even days to go live.

  • Change-tracking: They had nowhere to draft content or track changes from teammates.

  • Hard to navigate: The documentation didn’t look good and lack of search functionality made it difficult for customers to find what they needed.

  • Off-brand look and feel: Limited customization meant their documentation didn’t match their brand.

These difficulties led to the team being less than enthusiastic when it came to making changes to their help documentation, so they started looking for a new way to manage and publish their documentation.

The Requirements of the New Solution

The Easy Agile team put together a wish list of everything they needed from a new documentation solution. On their list was:

  • Editing: Somewhere they could edit content in Confluence then control when it gets published.

  • User-friendly: A UI that’s easy for the team to work with and for readers to navigate – including search functionality.

  • Choice of media: The option to add different types of media into their documentation – such as images and videos.

The Chosen Solution: Scroll Viewport for Confluence

Scroll Viewport for Confluence Cloud ticked all the boxes in terms of what the Easy Agile team were looking for.

As Easy Agile’s documentation already existed in Confluence, they were able to get started with Scroll Viewport quickly to transform their content into a new help center.

With Scroll Viewport you can choose to publish your team’s documentation publicly, or restrict it so only your customers or certain users can access your content.

A Help Center for Your Customers

When you publish your documentation as a help center, you give your customers the ability to quickly resolve any queries they might have when using your products. All without having to get in touch with your customer support team!

The best way to make your documentation available to your customers is to write it in Confluence and then transform it into a help center using Scroll Viewport.

How the New Help Center Benefited the Easy Agile Team

Want to know the impact that the new help center had on the Easy Agile team? Hear the benefits of the new solution directly from the source!

Read the story in full over on Easy Agile’s blog:
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