Atlassian Summit 2015 Recap

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An exciting and exhausting Atlassian Summit 2015 is now in the books, and with much fanfare it outlined how the company is working to make teams smarter, better, faster, and stronger. It was of course packed with product announcements, but it also featured fun glimpses into Atlassian's culture like DJ Kanban (one of our favorite ShipIt projects, see it in action on YouTube). By releasing three editions of JIRA to better support software teamsbusiness teams, and IT teams, Atlassian is tripling-down on their mission to help more teams to work better together.

We share this mantra at K15t, and below are several announcements we made at Summit centered around helping documentation and content teams to collaborate and do their own important work better together. Relaunch

In preparation for Summit 2015 got a complete redesign. The new website is now fully responsive, and is powered by the latest Scroll Viewport version (see below) allowing our whole team to change and update content within Confluence. Technical and non-technical team members can now use Confluence as a simple and reliable CMS, and they are loving the experience.

Check out our all-new site:

Backbone Issue Synchronization for JIRA

At Summit we were proud to announce Backbone Issue Synchronization for JIRA (simply: "Backbone"), the most complete solution for JIRA-to-JIRA issue synchronization. Developed nearly two years ago to serve the needs of a few enterprise professional services customers, we are now putting the final touches on a configuration UI. We are excited to say that it will be published to the Atlassian Marketplace in January.

Learn more about Backbone and request a demo:

Scroll Versions 3.0 Is Coming

We were thrilled with the enthusiastic feedback received from our demos of Scroll Versions 3.0 at Summit. Scroll Versions 3.0 was our biggest development effort this year, and with its greatly improved UI it will make onboarding new authors to Scroll Versions much easier. Also, we are proud to announce that Scroll Versions is now out-of-the-box compatible with Refined Theme and Bitvoodoo Enterprise Theme (one other theme will be compatible soon).

Learn more about Scroll Versions and request a demo:

Websites from Confluence: Scroll Viewport 2.2 to be Released Soon

A somewhat-unsung hero in our product family is Scroll Viewport. During Summit we got a lot of oohs and aahs when we showed it to existing and new customers, because many had no idea how easy it could be to publish styled content from Confluence directly to the web. Not only is it powering the site you're viewing right now, but Atlassian is also using Scroll Viewport for both their developer documentation and user documentation.

Learn more and request a demo:

Pledge 1%

We are also happy to announce that K15t Software is now part of Pledge 1%. Even though K15t has given away products for free and donated to various non-profits since it was founded, we are now officially part of the pledge 1% Initiative led by Atlassian, Salesforce, and Rally Software.

Learn more about Pledge 1%:

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