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Deliver Confluence content to the web quickly and flexibly to create beautiful, functional help centers and websites of all kinds – even the site you're viewing right now.

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Trusted by hundreds of companies all over the world, including:

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Viewport in action

Here are just a few examples of web content delivered with the power of Atlassian Confluence and Scroll Viewport

Atlassian and Scroll Viewport
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SAP and Scroll Viewport
View site »
CA and Scroll Viewport
View site »
BMC and Scroll Viewport
View site »
Addteq and Scroll Viewport
View site »
K15t Software Help Center
and Scroll Viewport
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This Add-on looks and feels great. Makes documentation in Confluence beautiful. Works great with Scroll Translations and Scroll Versions.

Sylvia Barron

I really appreciate Scroll Viewport because it lets me fully customize a customer's web presence without losing the simplicity and usability of confluence. Furthermore K15t responds very fast and in a professional way to questions and feature requests!

Sebastian Fiechter

Kudos to the K15t team for bringing out Viewport for Confluence. It gave us the flexibility to address several UI issues that we couldn't fix in the past... and Scroll Viewport is easy! Keep the innovation coming, K15t. Great job!

Giridhar Bugg

We're using Viewport in combination with Scroll Translations to build our multilingual Websites and it's running so damn well! When it comes to internationalization, the combination of Viewport and Translations is the best solution we came across yet (and we tried a lot the last 5 years).

Robert Knolmar

Scoll Viewport is technically the most advanced & flexible addon when it comes to modify the UI of a Confluence space. The embedded theme editor is simply awesome & reduces turnaround times to a minimum. Note that a good technical knowledge (Velocity & Confluence) is needed to get the most out of it. Support & documentation is outstanding!

Jan-Peter Rusch

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Create Viewports for your Confluence content

A Viewport provides an alternative view on pages or blogposts in a Confluence space. It is available at a configurable URL and uses themes to output the content.

Scroll Viewport

Theme Development how it should be

Scroll Viewport makes theme development a breeze, and gives 100% control to web developers. Write templates in plain HTML, CSS and JavaScript, add a few simple tags, and upload to Confluence via FTP(S).

Scroll Viewport

Create responsive user help from Confluence

Using Confluence for user help is awesome. The Scroll Help theme makes it even more awesome: It's beautiful, it works on desktop, tablet, and smartphone. And thanks to Scroll Viewport it feels much snappier.

Scroll Viewport

Design and sell your own Theme Add-ons

You've created a great Scroll Viewport theme and want to share it with the community? Download it as a Confluence add-on and publish it on the Atlassian Marketplace.

Scroll Viewport

People search and integration with User Profile Plugin

People search is one of the most important functions of an intranet use case. Now you can search for co-workers and other users in your Confluence system, and display custom user details created with the User Profile Plugin.

Scroll Viewport

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  • 2,000 Users
  • 10,000 Users
  • Unlimited Users

First year of maintenance is covered
The initial purchase includes 12 months of maintenance, which includes updates and support at no added charge.

30-Day money back guarantee
If you would like to discontinue use of the product, we offer a no questions asked 30-day money back guarantee.

Discounts available for academic institutions
Qualified academic institutions receive a 50% discount on download licenses.

Free for open source and non-profits
Free licenses are available for qualified open source projects and non-profits.

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