A time for giving: the K15t Software sticker pack

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Christmas is right around the corner and we are still busy getting things done. Before we go on our short holiday break however (23 Dec 2016 - 02 Jan 2017), we want to wish you "Happy Holidays and a Wonderful New Year". 

But wait, there is more: At the end of a successful year, we want to thank you for collaborating with us by sharing a little bit of cheer: K15t Software is proud to present you with a free sticker pack for iMessage and Telegram featuring our rocketcorn mascot.

Showing what the K15t Software Sticker Pack looks like when being used

This fun sticker pack was created by Roman (QA Engineer) and Anja (Designer) during K15t Software's last hackathon (or, as we call it, 'Hacketse'). Roman has been using sticker packs for a while and when he heard that Apple started accepting app submissions for iMessage, he knew that he wanted to try out making one for himself. So when the hackathon came around, it presented the perfect opportunity to team up with Anja to develop a sticker pack featuring our much beloved rocketcorn mascot. Their goal? To "enrich people’s conversations through the company’s and region’s culture". Everyone at K15t Software thought that they certainly managed to do what they set out to achieve. That is why we want to share it with you. Enjoy.

Picture showcasing some of the K15t Software stickers, e.g. a unicorn, a fairy, etc.

Some examples from Roman and Anja's sticker pack.

The K15t Software sticker pack is available for:

iMessage (download from the App Store)

Telegram (download from Telegram)