Kelly McDaniel - Pushing Back the Frontier of Wiki-Based Documentation

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We are looking forward to welcome technical writer and wiki-user Kelly M. McDaniel this week in our Stuttgart office at K15t Software. Kelly is a Senior Information Developer and long term user of the Atlassian Confluence wiki and the Scroll Add-ons for Confluence. On Thursday, July 4th at 5:30pm he will give a talk at K15t Software about migrating documentation to Confluence and pushing back the frontiers of wiki-based documentation.

We got in touch with Kelly for the first time through our support system. Kelly was working at Rockwell Automation (Austin, Texas) and busy migrating technical product documentation from FrameMaker to the Confluence wiki. He was asking for some minor formatting issues which we were able to fix in no time. The second support ticket from Kelly was whether or not we would be at the Atlassian Summit 2012 in San Francisco and we where happy to answer his request with yes. What we didn't know at that time was, Kelly was going to give a talk at the Summit about his job and how he migrated the technical documentation from FrameMaker to Confluence using the Scroll Add-ons.

Atlassian Summit 2012

From the first second I talked to Kelly, I was happy to meet a technical writer as passionate about wiki-based documentation as I am. It was a pleasure talking to him as he is such a nice, open minded and educated person. With his more than 10 years of experience in technical writing, it was a revelation for me to listen to him talking about the benefits of wiki-based documentation and how happy he is to use Confluence plus the Scroll Add-ons to do the job. 

Thursday 4th of July

For everybody who was not able to listen to Kellys talk in San Francisco, we asked Kelly to do the talk again this week at our office.

Kellys talk is called: "Immigration to Confluence: A Journey Through Foreign Customs" and he describes it himself as follows:

"This is the exciting saga of an adventurous explorer who, with great trepidation, traversed the arid Adobe Outback, through the darkness of Total Eclipse, to emerge, caked in Scrum, scarred, beaten, bruised, yet Agile, where the tributaries Collaboration, Knowledge Capital, and Information coursed the Straits of Budget to witness him navigate joyous and thankful to the delta of the Great Confluence."

You Are Invited

Wether you are an Atlassian User or a Technical Writer, you are invited to come to our office and spend some time with us and Kelly, talking about wiki-based documentation and all things Atlassian.

Find all further details about the event here: Immigration to Confluence: A Journey Through Foreign Customs (sorry, the event link is no longer available). We kindly ask you to RSVP to the event.