How We Hire

We've worked hard to create a repeatable hiring process that's easy to follow and transparent for candidates. There is nothing secret or magical in the steps a candidate is going through so why not to talk publicly about it? In case you’re planning to apply for a job at K15t, here's what you can expect.

Step 1: The Application

Every application we receive is read by at least 2 people (often more): A future team member and someone who has experience in hiring and is coordinating the process.

We receive a lot of applications, and there are specific things we look for:

  • Does your profile somehow fit to the role we described? You don’t have to tick all the boxes but a few would be good.
  • Does your application reference some things we wrote in the job offer?
  • Have you mentioned why you want to work for K15t?
  • Do we have the impression you want to work for us, specifically, and not just any another company?

We'll normally send a response within 2-3 days after receiving an application.

Step 2: The Screening Call

You seem to fit on paper. Great. Next we arrange a short call with you (around 15 minutes) to chat about yourself, the role, and K15t.

The call is to find out if you’d be a good fit for the role and most importantly, if you’re a good fit for K15t. Don’t get it wrong; we’re not looking for a culture fit. More a value fit. We want a diverse team with members that challenge the status quo and are aligned with our goals and values.

Step 3: The Sample Project

Depending on your role we'll then ask you to do a little project for us. It's just a sample and nothing we would use for real. You should expect to spend 2-4 hours on your task. If you apply for a developer role, we'll ask you to write some code, if you apply for a role in marketing, we'll ask you to write a short article or something similar. Some people seem like a good fit when speaking about their experiences, but we need to know you can actually do the work. We like to see your style of working and whether you walk the talk.

Step 4: The Interview(s)

You’ll meet your future teammates during the interviews as well as people from other teams in a similar role as the one you've applied for. We work in self-organized teams at K15t, which means there is no manager making the final call on who to hire. Instead, you should expect to talk to some more senior employees who have experience in hiring. These interviews can be in-person or through video calls.

You'll present your sample project during the interview and we'll ask you some questions to find out more about your preferred working style, what you've done in the past, how you'd solve problems, and much more. We’re not a huge organization, and we need people who can get stuff done. Don’t be shy to ask us questions about the role, the way we work at K15t, or anything you want to know.

Optional Step 5: Get-To-Know Day

We invite some candidates to meet the team for a day. That’s what we call a “Get-To-Know Day”. A one-hour interview can be very stressful. We feel that some candidates are super nervous and we would like to meet them in a “relaxed” environment. This way we can see how you interact with the team and you can get a better idea what working for K15t is like. You might look over the shoulders of future teammates working on typical tasks or you might try some small tasks yourself. We may do some more interviews, and you can have casual conversations with the team. It’s normally just a few hours or you’re just meeting the team over lunch.

Step 6: The Decision

We believe the decision doesn’t become better or easier the more time we take to think about it, so you can expect to hear from us within a few days. Please also tell us at any step in the hiring process if you are still keen to proceed. We also want to be open with you in case of a rejection. Just reach out to us if you’d like to know the reasons for our decision.

These steps are not carved in stone. We might skip steps or add additional ones when we think it’s necessary to help us with the decision.

Ready, Set, Apply

There's nothing more to add. No psychology test, no assessment centers. We just simply want to find out if you’d be a great addition to the team and can help us driving the business forward.

Take a look at our job offers and send us your application.

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