Weekly Round-up: Immigration to Confluence, Lazy Writing, Content Rot, and More

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Here's K15t Software's weekly social web round-up for technical writers, information architects, and content strategists.

This week's top story from Kelly McDaniel in the Pro Austin Writer blog: “Immigration to Confluence”.

Immigration to Confluence 

In the new Pro Austin Writer blog, Kelly McDaniel writes about migrating documentation from FrameMaker to Confluence: "I’ll begin with the Framemaker-to-PDF automation, and conclude with production of embedded Eclipse Help concurrent with product builds." Read more

These Lazy Writing Mistakes May Be Turning Off Your Readers

Readers are looking for a reason to stop reading. Don’t give them a reason by composing lazy-written texts, recommends Julie Neidlinger: “Lazy writing is thoughtless writing. It's lukewarm, passable, and completely forgettable." Read more

What You Know About Information Architecture, Might Not Be True

"We all think we understand information architecture. But the things we think we know may not be correct.” This is why Paul Boag dispels some of the most common theories and rules as myths. Read more

Content Strategy vs. the Undead

Implementing a content strategy can involve many challenges. Overcoming them is like battling the undead. Bill Swallow has broken those undead creatures down into five categories – from ghost to zombie. Read more

Bit Rot in the Documentation

Just like unused software features, documentation can degenerate over time as well, although we believe that nothing has changed. To “root out that rot”, Sarah Maddox presents techniques for finding and fixing errors. Read more

Pizza Reheating Instructions

Couldn't all documentation be written this way?

Did you miss something in this collection? What blew your mind this week?

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