Weekly Round-up: Improving Content Quality, Customer Value, Collaboration, and More

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Here's K15t Software's weekly social web round-up for technical writers, information architects, and content strategists.

This week's top story from Val Fisher (contentrules.com): "The 6 Tools You Already Have for Improving Content Quality"

The 6 Tools You Already Have for Improving Content Quality – #ContentStrategy

Val Fisher knows that content quality improvement is the next big thing: "Using the tools that you already have, I bet you will see the quality of your content improve." Its a good start to use a spellchecker, style guide, thesaurus etc. But she also knows that considering the purchase of a quality assurance tool is fantastic. (via @umpff)

Five ways to improve the State of Collaboration in Information Development – #Collaboration

Stephen Morse explores ways that organizations can work together to improve their technical content, based on a recent survey and responses shared in the blog's comment section. Top item of most people's documentation wishlist: “A single, online system for managing content from authoring to approval.“ (via @easydita)

8 Ways Management can help Techcomm Writers Deliver Customer Value – #Techcomm

Technical communication teams need help from above, believes Neal Kaplan: "We’re not creating content just to put more words on a page (or more videos in a channel), we’re creating content that makes our customers successful." (via @techwriterkai)

Why your content marketing must get more granular – #ContentMarketing

As response to the "Content Shock" article, Doug Kessler thinks we are reaching the saturation point for posts about how content marketing is reaching the saturation point. He has two big reasons that this problem should be way down on our worry list, as he claims: "In content marketing, relevance is a function of specificity." (via @_thomaskraus)

Confluence Questions – #Atlassian

See how to get your questions answered with Confluence Questions – without seeing this web-based Q&A platform for a single second in the video. (via @nilsinger)



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