Scroll Versions 2.0 - Variant Management in Confluence

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Nine months after the release of Scroll Versions 1.0, we are proud to release a new major release - Scroll Versions 2.0.

Managing multiple variants in a single space in Confluence 5 - Scroll Versions 2.0 makes it possible and brings you to the next step in managing your documentation collaboratively in Confluence.

The new Scroll Versions 2.0 offers you the ability to handle multiple versions and multiple variants in the same space. Also, the Page Info Panel gives enhanced information and the overall usability got improved. Another great feature is the SEO enhancement, to improve the searchability of your documentation.

But let's have a look at the new features in detail.

Enhanced Page Info Panel

The Page Info Line has been expanded with multiple information and is now an Page Info Panel. When it is expanded you get useful information about the current page: In which version and variant is the page available, where has the page been re-used, to where has the page been published, and some advanced meta data about the page.


Variant Management

The new Variant Management functionality allows you to manage multiple variants in the same space. This is useful if you have content that should be published for different product variants, target audiences like users or administrators, or even for customer-specific documentation.

Content for a specific variant can either be defined on page level, or on paragraph level by using our new Conditional Content Macro.


Search Engine Optimization

Make your documentation a marketing instrument by improving searchability.

In the Scroll Versions setup you can now define the HTML title of your pages, using placeholders. In addition you can define excerpts which are displayed in the Google search results.


Improved Usability

Besides all the new features we also had a look at the usability, to improve the ease of use of Scroll Versions.

In detail we reworked the page tree and added additional functionality: The pagetree now remembers which node are open, also after a page reload, or you can define with two clicks if you want to display top-level-pages in the pagetree.

If you have larger spaces to publish, you will be happy about the new progress bar which shows you the progress of the publishing process. Furthermore you'll get warnings in the publishing process, if pages have been modified in the currently published version since the last publish, or if pages are not in status 'Complete'.

Want to have a Deeper Dive?

Please have a look at our Scroll Versions 2.0 Release Notes, to get an overview about all improved usability elements and the updates and fixed in this release, and check the Scroll Versions Documentation.

What's Next?

Currently we are working on the next major version of the Scroll PDF Exporter and Scroll Office, to make them fully compatible with Scroll Versions.

Regarding Scroll Versions, we are planning to support Translation Management in an upcoming release of Scroll Versions. However, we are really looking forward to your feedback about what features are important.

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