Scroll PDF Exporter for Confluence: New Navigation and Styling Features

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This article refers to an older Scroll PDF Exporter app version and may contain outdated or already changed features. For updated information we recommend this article:

Recent release cycles of Scroll PDF Exporter have introduced some highly-requested features and functionality to help you better export your Confluence pages as professionally-styled PDFs. Here are the latest improvements you'll find in Scroll PDF Exporter 4.4, introducing more styling flexibility in the Template Editor, and more control over the structure and navigation of your Confluence content in the PDF export. 

Style Your Table and Figure Captions

In the latest release, we've made it possible to define caption styles for tables and figures. This template designer improvement is based on the Scroll Title macro, and allows you to customize the caption's font styles and color, as well as the margins, background, and numbering styles.

In relation to this improvement, you can also dedicate a table of contents section to your tables or figures, making it easy to organize and navigate to them in the PDF export. These new Table of Tables and Table of Figures placeholders will list all the captions you create with the Scroll Title macro, and offer the same styling options as other indices in the template designer.

Improve PDF Navigation and Structure with Bookmarks and Page Breaks

You can now define which headings should be saved as bookmarks in your PDF to provide additional navigation elements in the export with Adobe Acrobat. You also have the option to insert page breaks at the end of every Confluence page, offering better control over the structure of your content on export. 

Style Confluence Elements Your Way 

As always, the Template Editor has been updated in the last few releases, with improvements focused mainly on styling control over commonly-used Confluence macros: 

  • Confluence Admonitions: If you're used to using the Info, Tip, Note, or Warning to highlight information in Confluence, you can now style how these macros will be displayed in your PDF export. You can choose to keep the default Confluence styles of these macros, or you can customize the font, color, and border of the macro to reflect your style preferences. 
  • Confluence Panel Macro: This handy macro inserts a block of text within a customizable panel, which can now be fully styled in your PDF export. The styles follow the same customization options as the Confluence admonitions above.  

Upgrade to the Latest Version

Scroll PDF Exporter for Confluence helps you create great documentation in a format you'll want to share with the world. Upgrade to Scroll PDF Exporter 4.4 to experience these new features and improvements, along with bug fixes and new administrative options. If you have any questions or feedback about the latest release, reach out to We'll be happy to help. 

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