Export one or many pages to PDF, comprehensively style the output, and merge metadata from Confluence into your exported documents.

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Create Templates Visually to Control Styling

With its WYSIWYG template editor, non-technical team members can use Scroll PDF Exporter to easily control the styling of headers, footers, fonts, colors, macros, tables of contents, and much more – while previewing the PDF output in real time in Confluence.

Exporter Single Pages or Entire Hierarchies

Choose individual pages or entire page tree hierarchies to export – styled exactly how you want them – with just a single click.

Define Your Styles Globally or at Space Level

Where you define and deploy your PDF templates is completely up to you. Choose to apply your templates globally throughout Confluence, or choose to keep them on a space level to serve your teams' needs more granularly.

What our Customers Think

“If you rely on publishing your content in PDF format, Scroll PDF Exporter does an excellent job.”

Valeria Marini — beecom AG

“We simply add our branded templates to Scroll PDF Exporter and any exported documentation has our branded, professional design.”

Philipp Sendek — brainbits GmbH

“We can now produce professional documents, which are ready for distribution to clients, directly from within Confluence.”

Simon Herd — ThinkTilt

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