Meet Us in Manhattan on May 18th

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Don't miss out on the finale of K15t's whirlwind USA speaking tour – join us at Medidata HQ on May 18th for our first-ever event in New York City. Two unique talks with Confluence and JIRA content are on the menu, as well as tasty NYC pizza and refreshing beverages.

Nils Bier, product manager and technical writer at K15t Software, will show how Atlassian’s team does their documentation using Confluence and the Scroll Add-ons. Get a look at how Atlassian walks their talk by using Confluence to provide documentation to over 50,000 customers worldwide.  

Then Matthias Gaiser, senior software engineer, presents how your own teams can synchronize JIRA projects across department and B2B borders using the new Backbone Issue Sync Add-on. There’s no better source for the talk – Matthias is the technical lead on the development of Backbone.

When: Wednesday, May 18 2016, 7:00–9:00pm

Where: Medidata Solutions Inc, 350 Hudson Street, New York

About the speakers

Nils Bier works as customer advocate and product manager for K15t Software GmbH. With his experience in technical writing and product management, he develops methodologies and solutions for tomorrow's technical communication.

Matthias Gaiser is a senior software engineer at K15t Software, and is the technical lead for Backbone Issue Sync. He coordinates Backbone development, as well as writing both its code and documentation, and is always seeking new solutions to improve collaboration across distributed JIRA instances.

More information about the talks

How Atlassian Does Docs 

Product documentation and technical content management are challenges nearly all organizations face. And as products and services change and grow, old-school models for creating and publishing supporting content can struggle to scale.

Atlassian's docs teams keep pace by authoring in Confluence and using Scroll Add-ons to manage and publish their content. Learn how they do it from beginning to end, and see how the tools you're already using can be extended to give your docs process the speed and agility it deserves. 

Bridging the Gap: Collaboration With Backbone Issue Sync for JIRA

Backbone – Issue Sync synchronizes issues across JIRA projects and JIRA instances. It enables teams, partners, and businesses to work collaboratively on issues and gives full control over which issues should be synched and to what extent. In this talk we will discuss various approaches to team collaboration in JIRA, focusing on the new possibilities opened up by Backbone. Learn how to share issues and exchange issue information across organization and company boundaries, and work with JIRA in a whole new way.