Interview: Learn How Atlassian Tech Writers Keep Pace With Agile Development Tools (Video)

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Two weeks ago during the Atlassian Summit 2014 in San Jose, we announced that Atlassian technical writers are using Scroll Versions for their product documentation (read full customer story).

But not only that â€“ tech writers Rachel Robins and Christine Burwinkle joined us at the Summit to explain to Summit attendees of how they are using Scroll Versions. If you could not make it to Summit (or missed out Rachel and Christine) we have now a video interview available here.

Version Management with Confluence in Action

Martin Seibert, founder and CEO of Atlassian Expert //SEIBERT/MEDIA, interviews Confluence technical writer Rachel Robins, on how she and her fellow tech writers use Scroll Versions to keep pace with their development teams.


If you didn't made it to this years Summit but are interested in more details about the Atlassian use case, please feel free to contact us.

We'll schedule a webinar within the next weeks to exactly show you in detail how the Atlassian tech writers keep pace with their agile development teams.