Editor's Pick: Convincing Infographics, Predicting User Questions, and more

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Here's the K15t Software's weekly social web round-up for technical writers, information architects, and content strategists.

This week's top story: "What makes the best infographics so convincing".

#Design: "What Makes the Best Infographics So Convincing"

In the Harvard Business Review, Andrea Ovans reveals the secrets of stunning infographics: "A persuasive infographic surprises the viewer. It moves them in some way and makes them want to keep looking at it or show it to other people." (via @ywsanchez)

#Techcomm: "How Do We Predict User Questions?"

Jonatan Lundin writes in the excosoft blog about the challenge to answer the right questions in our documentation. "Instead of organizing information into books, we should provide search aids to make answers easy to find." (via @umpff)

#ContentStrategy: My Life with Email

Matt Griffin has found a way to keep the great beast email under control: with filters, apps, rules and procedures. "Turning on email notifications is like asking to be interrupted by anyone at any time, no matter what you’re doing." (via @arnoldburian)

#Techcomm: How to Proofread Typos Out of Your Content

Eight tips to get errors out of your texts, given by Yvonne Lyon – as a kind of self defense: "I won’t share content with blatant errors in it because to me, that’s not quality content." (via @umpff and techcommblog)

#K15t: Confluence 5.5 compatibility for Scroll Versions & Translations

Our translation and version management add-ons have been updated. They are now compatible with the upcoming release 5.5 of Atlassian Confluence and can be updated via Atlassian Marketplace. (via k15tsoftware)

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