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Great to See You Once Again in Stuttgart

We may be just a bit biased, but we think Stuttgart is the perfect location for the annual tekom/tcworld Conference. Last week we took great pleasure in meeting hundreds of new faces at the show, and in having lots of meaningful conversations about the challenges technical communicators face today. It was also great to catch up with old friends from tekoms past, so a hearty dankeschön goes out to all who visited our booth. As you may have noticed, we brought a fresh new theme with us this year evangelizing the central idea of collaborative content creation that's enabled by modern toolsets: Everyone can.

Cheers to the Welcome Party

Another big thank-you goes to the staff who kept the K15t-sponsored drinks flowing at the tekom Welcome Party. We hope you enjoyed the refreshments, but we must remind everyone to please collaborate responsibly at all times.

Thanks for Attending Our DocOps Talk

K15t product manager Nils Bier gave a talk on DocOps: Agile Content Development in Practice during the third and final day of tekom this year. If you came to the talk, what did you think? Get in touch and give us feedback (or ask a question) here. The conference does tend to thin out a bit on the last day, so in case you missed Nils' talk you can watch it on YouTube or simply view the slide deck here on Slideshare.

Scroll Versions 3.0 About to Launch

We are big believers in using a collaboration platform like Atlassian Confluence for technical documentation, but it must be paired with the right tools to be the best solution. Scroll Versions is a powerful add-on for Confluence that helps documentation teams manage concurrent versioning, variants, and even inclusion libraries in a thoroughly modern and agile way. Scroll Versions 3.0 will be released in the coming weeks, and it's a product we're immensely proud of. Its greatly improved UI will make onboarding new authors and collaborators easier than ever—just what you need to get your whole team involved.

Learn more about Scroll Versions and request a demo: https://www.k15t.com/products/scroll-for-confluence?form=demo-scroll-documents

Websites Straight From Confluence with Scroll Viewport

A heroic add-on in our product family who doesn't like to hog the spotlight is Scroll Viewport. If you are using Confluence for your documentation, it's the perfect tool to publish your content directly to the web. Not only is it powering the site you're viewing right now, but Scroll Viewport is also used by Atlassian for both their developer documentation and user documentation sites.

Learn more and request a demo: https://www.k15t.com/products/scroll-for-confluence?form=demo-viewport

Documentation in Dozens of Languages

As our world gets ever more connected, your documentation demands may include content delivery in a growing number of languages. Scroll Translations is here to help. Whether you're doing your translations directly in house, outsourcing to a service or agency, or using a Translation Management System, Scroll Translations allows you to keep everything current, organized, and on the same page.

Learn more and request a demo: https://www.k15t.com/products/scroll-for-confluence?form=demo-scroll-documents

Techcomm Survey Results Being Tallied

Nearly one hundred tech comm pros answered our survey looking into the tools they use for their work and the collaboration requirements they have in their roles. We are currently crunching the numbers and will report the results here on our blog. If you'd like to receive a notice when the report is hot off the presses, email us here and let us know: mkt@k15t.com

Thursday 26.11: tekom-Regionalgruppe Stuttgart @ K15t

Has tekom gotten your gears turning around better documentation methodologies? Let's discuss (auf Deutsch):

Der Abend steht unter dem Motto:
Gemeinsam geht's besser: Kollaborative Dokumentationserstellung

Abteilungsspezifische Wissenssilos und starre Zuständigkeiten sind in vielen Unternehmen heute noch vielfach an der Tagesordnung. Dabei werden die Leistungsanforderungen an die Mitarbeiter immer höher. Statt miteinander, arbeiten Dokumentationsabteilung, Entwicklung und der Kundensupport eher nebeneinander her und pflegen mit großem Aufwand eigene technische Inhalte – organisatorisch und strategisch getrennt und ohne Berührungspunkte oder Synergieeffekte.

Lars Iffland - Technischer Redakteur bei der Gesellschaft für innovative Personalwirtschaftssysteme (GIP GmbH) und Tobias Anstett - Gründer und Produktmanager der K15t Software GmbH, werden jeweils einen Vortrag halten.

Donnerstag, 26.11.2015, 18:00 - 20:00 Uhr

Dauer der Vorträge mit Diskussion: ca. 40 min plus Fragen.
Im Anschluss gibt es bei einem kleinen Imbiss die Möglichkeit für interessante Gespräche und gemeinsames Netzwerken.

K15t Software HQ
Ostendstr. 110
70188 Stuttgart

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Bus: Linen 40, 42 und 45
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