Weekly Round-up: Editable Screenshots, DevOps for Content, Sincerity and Comic Sans, and More

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Here's K15t Software's weekly social web round-up for technical writers, information architects, and content strategists.

This week's top story from Antti Hietala: "The Incredible Editable Screenshot"

The Incredible Editable Screenshot

Screenshots are tedious to maintain. This is why Antti Hietala decided on a radically different approach: replace images with text. He and his tech writing team created a Confluence-based solution that is future-proof and provides unique benefits. Read more

DocOps: Interview with Jim Turcotte

Jim Turcotte, a senior vice president with CA, explains the wiki-based 'DocOps' methodology: "It’s about having a highly-collaborative content platform that allows product information to be continuously developed, even after the product release." Read more

Respect and Influence – Proven Strategies for Technical Writers

Technical writers often don't receive the respect they deserve, knows Craig Haiss. His 'killer tips help you to become an advocate for the hidden value of documentation. Read more 

Users’ Advocate: Blame the Author If Communication Fails?

Mark Baker believes that both reader and writer are equally responsible. Instead of explaining everything, writers should provide resources that allow the reader to do the hard work of sensemaking themselves: "Treat the reader as a grownup." Read more

Sincerity Machine: The Comic Sans Typewriter

Many writers choose the Comic Sans font to mark serious messages. Thus, Jesse England has altered a manual typewriter to write in Comic Sans, and calls it "Sincerity Machine".


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