Scroll Versions 3.3 Adds Advanced Comala Workflows Integration

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Scroll Versions 3.3 for Confluence is live now on the Atlassian Marketplace. This major release of the popular version and variant management add-on features advanced Comala Workflows integration – letting you leverage powerful workflows to achieve great results even in complex versioned content projects.

Read on to learn how Scroll Versions 3.3 lets your team collaborate more effectively than ever by enabling the powerful combination of page versioning and advanced workflows in Confluence.

Flexible workflows for versioned spaces

Comala Workflows is a mainstay in many organizations due to its almost unlimited flexibility and control over workflow design. Now you can deploy these powerful workflows easily in versioned spaces in Confluence, letting you run complex versioned content projects smoothly and effectively.

Comala Workflows let users add approvals and tasks to Confluence pages, assign reviews, manage documentation stages, and much more. Integration with Scroll Versions means these advanced workflows can now improve your processes when working on versioned content β€“ letting you execute complex projects with multiple versions much more efficiently and with greater control than was possible before.

Comala Workflows allows almost limitless control over workflow design, letting users create the workflows they need for projects of all complexities.

Save time with intuitive integration

Simply download and install the Comala Workflows for Scroll Versions free Confluence add-on, and you're all set to start integrating advanced workflows and versioned content. The entire process is completely painless – no data is lost. And if you're already using Scroll Versions' integrated workflow engine in a space, existing workflow states are automatically converted into suitable Comala Workflow states.

Get workflows flowing with the built-in template

The integration features a special Scroll Versions documentation workflow, which is ready to go straight out of the box and can be edited with total freedom. You can immediately implement it and then fine-tune it later on the fly as your project requires.

Have instant visibility with reports and activity logs

Stay informed on project progression with workflow reports for all page versions.

Automatically generated activity logs also display who is working on what, keeping everyone on the same page, and projects right on track.

Try it free

Comala Workflows give you more control over the way your Confluence content projects are executed. Now, seamless integration with Scroll Versions means you can collaborate in versioned spaces more efficiently and with more flexibility than ever.

Want to experience how combining Comala Workflows and Scroll Versions can improve the way your team works with versioned content? Download the Comala Workflows for Scroll Versions add-on for free on the Atlassian Marketplace now.

Scroll Versions gives you powerful version and variant management of Confluence content.