Weekly Round-Up: Publishing Kick-Ass Websites with Confluence, Death of Technical Writing, Customer Support, and More

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Here's K15t Software's weekly social web round-up for technical writers, information architects, and content strategists.

This week's top story from the Atlassian Blog: "Publishing Kick-Ass Websites with Confluence"

Publishing Kick-Ass Websites with Confluence – #K15t

In the Atlassian Blogs, K15t Software introduces an add-on to turn Confluence into a web CMS: "Scroll Viewport solves the challenge of styling Confluence is a new way: separating the editing functionality from how the content is displayed." (via @Atlassian)

The Death of Technical Writing – Part 1, and Part 2 – #Techcomm

Neal Kaplan about technical writers who need to adapt to a changing world: "My customers don’t want manuals, they just want to know how to use the features in the product that they purchased."

In part 2, he tells us about what he sees as solutions to this problem: "What do we need? A business case! When do we need it? 10 years ago!" (via @nealkaplan)

The Power of Every Word – #CustomerSupport

Good advice from Carolyn Kopprasch: Stop using "Actually" and "But" in your emails. "If customers take time out of their lives to ask us a question, thus teaching us about areas of confusion in our app, we’d love if they never have any occasion to feel stupid, or wrong, or corrected." (via @simplease)

HipChat Video and Screen Sharing are Here – #Atlassian

Jeff Park from Atlassian introduces HipChat's new video and screen sharing features, and a new logo: "Get on the same page (literally) by sharing your screen so you can work together on any project." (via @Atlassian )

And if you'd prefer a round app icon: Joseph Humfrey (@joethephish) explains how to replace HipChat's icon for Mac.


Did you miss something in this collection? What blew your mind this week?

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