Weekly Round-up: Confluence Shares vs. @Mentions, User Assistance Tools Survey, Content in the Driver's Seat, and More

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Here's K15t Software's weekly social web round-up for technical writers, information architects, and content strategists.

This week's top story from Atlassian: "Confluence Tip of the Month: Shares Vs. @Mentions"

Confluence Tip of the Month: Shares Vs. @Mentions

When do I use @mentions and when do I use page shares in Atlassian Confluence? Sarah Goff-Dupont also invites you to test your know-how: "Put your savvy to the test with the Confluence Collaboration Quiz." Read more

2014 User Assistance Tools Survey

Atlassian Confluence is in the top five of content management systems, according to the latest user assistance tools survey. WritersUA collected the input of 501 technical communicators who rated the most important tools for content development. Read more

Building Customer Relationships: Why Content’s in the Driver’s Seat

Content is the primary driver of customer relationships, knows Acrolinx: "Sloppy content with typos, errors in grammar, and wrong or inconsistent tone of voice can make your customers doubt you (…) want to build a relationship." Read more

Six Ways to Improve Your TC Career

Leah Guren has some tips for you to give your technical communication career a boost and a surge of new energy: "If you are redoing something that you thought you had already done, maybe the problem is your content management." Read more

Good Job, Snoopy!

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