Weekly Round-up: Building the Right Thing, Staging Content, Dilbert on Collaboration, and More

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Here's K15t's weekly social web round-up for technical writers, information architects, and content strategists.

This week's top story from Atlassian, the makers of Confluence and JIRA: "Introducing New Atlassian Enterprise Offerings"

Introducing New Atlassian Enterprise Offerings

This week, Atlassian introduced new enterprise offerings: Cloud, Server, and Data Center for high availability and performance. There will be free webinars in the upcoming weeks, so please feel free to register. (via @atlassian)

And by the way: Listen to this great talk on product management by Sherif Mansour. This video provides valuable tips for defining a product or feature, building it and capturing feedback (via @nilsinger)

Tech Writers Must Learn to Stage Content Better

Mark Baker asks himself if technical writers are doing the right things to make their content more appealing to the user: "The impression of usability trumps usability." (via @nkerzreho).

How Social Intranet Software Helps to Increase Employee Engagement

Tim Eisenhauer has found 5 ways how social intranet software increases employee engagement. He concludes: "Employees who are engaged are those who are happy, fulfilled and productive". (via @giacomomason)

5 Content Marketing Lessons You Don’t Want to Learn the Hard Way

Kevin Cane wants to help you to save you some time and frustration by a collection of content marketing lessons: "Don’t fall into the analysis paralysis trap. Instead, start creating some content straight away and testing it in the market". (via @Acrolinx)

Did you miss something in this collection? What blew your mind this week?

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