Atlassian Codegeist 2021: Great Time for Innovation at K15t

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At K15t, it's important that each teammate has dedicated time for innovation at work. We understand that trying something new means risking failure. But that’s not a problem, if something fails we fix it, learn from it, share it with others, and use the experience to succeed in our future projects.

We host a lot of of great events at K15t (like our internal hackathon) where everyone has the opportunity to try something new and bring their dream project to life. In this blog post we'll share more about our Atlassian Codegeist 2021 project and how we found success by working as a team.

What is Atlassian Codegeist?

"Codegeist? What’s that?" is the first question that new teammates ask when they hear ‘Codegeist’ mentioned while having lunch or during an afterwork event with colleagues. Our teammates can explain what it is in one sentence, but it's something you should experience to get the whole picture.

Codegeist is a remote hackathon where participants build innovative cloud applications for their favourite Atlassian tools. This year we eagerly awaited Atlassian’s Codegeist event since we gathered some great ideas for it earlier in the year. At the start of June, the time had finally come: Atlassian gave the starting signal for Codegeist 2021!

It doesn't matter if you are a newbie or an expert, everyone is welcome to participate in Codegeist for a chance to win over $300k in prizes. If someone at K15t wins, the money gets divided between every team member who works on the Codegeist project and the whole amount will be donated to a charity organisation of choice.

Official Atlassian Announcement - June 2021

The annual developer contest helps teams unleash their potential by building Atlassian apps. Designed to recognize greatness of the developer community; show Atlassian a creative idea for the next big Jira and Confluence app built with Forge. Join fellow developers and the Atlassian engineering team to share best practices and feedback on the experiences building with Forge, a new cloud app development platform. The best apps will take home a combined $300,000 USD in prizes. Enter to win Codegeist 2021 →

Why Did We Participate?

This year Atlassian has made it even easier for developers to build, secure, and deploy Jira and Confluence Cloud apps with the newly released Atlassian Forge platform. Forge promises built-in security, Atlassian-hosted infrastructure, streamlined DevOps experience, and UI extensibility options. 

Having built apps for Atlassian products for over 10 years, we wanted to learn everything we could about this new platform at the same time as building new and innovative Cloud apps for the Atlassian Marketplace.

What was the goal for our team? To win of course, but not just for ourselves. At K15t, one of our core values is Care and Commitso in line with that value we always donate any winnings from such events to charities of our choice.
We also really love getting the chance to brainstorm, build, and test new apps that we could then release on the Atlassian Marketplace. And most importantly, we wanted to Have Fun, Seriously – another one of our values!

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Result: Three New Apps and One Winner

We successfully finished our Codegeist participation for this year by submitting three innovative Confluence apps to the Atlassian Marketplace. 

  • Page Links for Confluence 
    Supercharge your page organization in Confluence by defining logical links between pages. Use pre-defined link types such as 'next/previous page', assign page owners, clarify page relationships, and more.

  • Proofreading for Confluence
    Need someone to review your work? Proofreading for Confluence is here to help. Request it with just one click directly from your Confluence page to let your team know that it's time to jump in.

  • And our winning project: Create from Template Pro for Confluence
    This app offers a revamped 'Create from Template' macro with advanced options. You can set a parent page for your templates, add custom variables, format the look and feel of the button and more.

What was the final result? We came 4th in the IT category with our app Create from Template Pro. We think it's awesome, but you can see for yourself by downloading it from the Atlassian Marketplace.  

Participating in Codegeist 2021 was a lot of fun and a great learning experience that brought us all together. We're already looking forward to our next Codegeist project in 2022 – perhaps with you on board as a new team mate!

Would you like to join us next time? Check out our open positions!

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