Collaborate on Jira Across Projects and Regions with Data Residency and Backbone Issue Sync for Jira

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You’re part of a successful, modern enterprise with teams scattered across the globe, from the sunny beaches of California to the charming cafes of Paris. Naturally, ease of collaboration across teams are top priorities. Thankfully, you have Jira Software, providing a centralized platform where all your colleagues can manage tasks and projects in real-time, ensuring everyone is on the same page regardless of location.

A growing global enterprise like yours will also need to scale operations. Part of this means facilitating collaboration across Jira instances and projects in various regions, all while staying compliant with local data storage and processing laws. This is where data residency comes in, ensuring your team can store their Jira Cloud data precisely where you need it to be. Integrated with tools like Backbone Issue Sync for Jira, you can seamlessly syncing across projects and instances – regardless of where your teams are located.

What is Data Residency?

Data residency lets you choose where your content and data are stored, ensuring your product data remains within trusted regions. This enables seamless collaboration across global teams while maintaining compliance standards.

Atlassian prioritizes this need, offering data residency across its products, including Jira Software. Thousands of teams globally already benefit from this feature, ensuring accessibility and compliance as they collaborate.

Data residency in Backbone Issue Sync

Collaborate without Borders across Jira Instances and Regions

Jira enables global collaboration within the same projects, but what about collaboration across different projects and instances? You must either jump between different projects to manually copy-paste the Jira issues or rely on complex and hard-to-maintain Jira automations, which are both time-consuming and error-prone.

This is where Backbone Issue Sync for Jira comes in, enabling automatic connection and real-time syncing of Jira issues across instances.

Consider a scenario: a European team and a US team collaborate on separate Jira instances. Backbone Issue Sync simplifies their collaboration by connecting the two instances and syncing relevant issues effortlessly, saving both teams a ton of time and effort. This includes syncing of (custom) fields, workflow statuses, comments, and attachments.

With geographically distributed teams, compliance with local regulations is also vital. Thanks to Backbone's data residency support, the organization can now ensure that data is stored and processed according to each team's location.

Backbone Issue Sync for Jira’s Data Residency Support

Following Atlassian's lead, Backbone Issue Sync for Jira also supports data residency in the US, EU and Germany. This update ensures data is stored according to organizational and legal needs, with options to pin data to specific regions.

For more information on Backbone's data residency support, check out our release notes, documentation, and the FAQ section.

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How Enterprises Benefit from Backbone

Data residency support is part of Backbone’s broader efforts to enable enterprise customers collaborate seamlessly across Jira instances while prioritizing data's safety and legal compliance. Here's how we're enhancing Backbone Issue Sync to continue being the preferred tool for synchronizing Jira projects and instances for enterprises:

  • Control what Jira data gets synced: Backbone has recently introduced a new configuration mode. This means changes made in the configuration require approval from the partner before implementation, enhancing data security and control.

Review configuration mode in Backbone Issue Sync for greater data control

  • Cryptographic data encryption and authentication for data transfer to ensure confidentiality and integrity.

  • Compliance with all GDPR rules and requirements, meaning we handle your personal data responsibly and securely and we're transparent about how we process your information.

  • Participation in Atlassian's Cloud Fortified and Bug Bounty programs to ensure the highest tier of security, reliability, and customer support standards. 

  • We're working on our ISO 27001:2022 certification, due to be finalized by Q3 2024. This means we'll have stronger information security systems in place to protect your data and manage risks. Learn more about how we keep your data secure and our performance benchmarks here.

Why Backbone is a perfect fit for enterprises

Scaling Operations with Data Residency and Backbone Issue Sync

As technology and regulations change, Backbone Issue Sync will help you collaborate across Jira instances, even from different regions. This keeps you in line with privacy laws and industry standards, all to help you build and maintain trust with your customers and stakeholders.

How Backbone Helps Enterprises Win
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