Scroll Word Exporter helps you take your documentation process to new levels of professionalism and efficiency by turning your Confluence pages into professionally styled Word documents.

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Advanced Content Generation

Scroll Word Exporter allows you to define elements such as title pages, tables of contents, and page headers and footers. You can also define list and table styles, paragraph and heading styles, page breaks, and more.

Export Single Pages or Whole Hierarchies

Scroll Word Exporter lets you export either single Confluence pages or entire page hierarchies to Word at the click of a button.

Simple Templates Using Word Styles

Scroll Word Exporter uses Microsoft Word templates to output native Word documents, and automatically matches the styles in Confluence with the corresponding styles defined in your Word template.

What our Customers Think

“The perfect product for customers with multi-brand requirements given the template support. I love this product.”

Barry Evans — ArcaPix

“Great application for those who need to create structured and professional documents according to different predefined templates with a single click.”

Petra Zemčíková — MoroSystems

“A MUST HAVE to get out the full potential of Confluence in daily business.”

Christian Dähn — DVZ GmbH

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