Present your Confluence content on the web as a beautifully customized help center.

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Create a Help Center from Confluence

Your team can quickly create and customize a help center from Confluence without writing any code. Use custom colors, images, navigation, and layout to create a branded & responsive help experience.

Write in Confluence and Display Online

Create documentation together in Confluence and present it as a help center, no web server needed. Make the help center part of your unique online presence using custom URLs.

Develop a Custom Site

Web developers can build custom experiences with full theming control. With the included development tools, you can rapidly create custom sites in your favorite editor using Velocity, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

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What our Customers Think

“Scroll Viewport is technically the most advanced & flexible app when it comes to modifying the UI of a Confluence space.”

Jan-Peter Rusch — Schäferbarthold

“Having made the decision to use Confluence for both internal and outwardly facing documentation, we really couldn't do it without K15t's Scroll Viewport.”

Ben Warburton — Wilcom International

“It lets me fully customize a customer's web presence without losing the simplicity and usability of Confluence.”

Sebastian Fiechter — Zuara AG

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