Scroll EPUB Exporter enables you to output Confluence content into an e-book in the common EPUB format that can be read on iPads, iPhones and any other e-book reader.

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Advanced Export Settings

Have full control over the export settings. Define which pages should be exported and how the content should be processed.

Export Schemes for User Friendly Exports

Export Schemes are similar to the Blueprints functionality in Confluence. You can define multiple Export Schemes, per space or globally.

Metadata and iTunes Artwork

In Scroll EPUB Exporter you are able to define metadata like the title of the publication, an ID, or the language. You can also save artwork which will be displayed in iTunes.

What our Customers Think

“An excellent plugin. We use it to make our documentation even more useful to users of smartphones or tablets.”

Daniel Varela Santoalla — ECMWF

“This plugin allows simple export of documentation for hosted OSS projects into format ready for mobile devices. Template customization is simple and flexible so output looks like we need.”

Vlastimil Elias — Red Hat, Inc.

“Very handy when we need access to confluence in times of no or limited internet connection.”

Matthieu Samyn — Zangdok Parli Lotus

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