Scroll Documents for Confluence

Manage multiple Confluence pages as a single unit of content – a document! Control versions, workflows, exports & more with powerful document management functionality in Confluence.

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Policy and Procedure Documents Illustration

Policy and Procedure Documents

Create and maintain policy and procedure documents in Confluence and track their evolution over time. Manage versions, exports, read confirmations, policy reviews and approvals, and always provide the most up-to-date documentation to your team. 

Product Documentation Illustration

Product Documentation

Manage and maintain multiple versions of your product documentation with Scroll Documents. Author documentation in your team’s Confluence space and publish versions to a public space that can be accessed by your users as new versions are released.

Onboarding Documents Illustration

Onboarding Documents

Onboard new hires to processes, tools, or architectures with dedicated documents instead of scattered Confluence pages. Organize documents in one place, classify with labels, and get new users comfortable with your instance and onboarded quickly in the team.

Browsable Documents Overview Illustration

Browsable Documents Overview

Access, organize, and filter documents from one place in your Confluence space, and use customizable metadata like labels and summaries to view document details at a glance.

Scrollable, Interactive Document Viewer

Stay in context with the scrollable Document Viewer. Read, manage, and interact with multiple Confluence pages at once and use the outline to navigate through the pages and headings of your document in one view.

Scrollable, Interactive Document Viewer Illustration
Manage your Document Lifecycle in Confluence Illustration

Manage your Document Lifecycle in Confluence

Manage the lifecycle of your documents from creation to deletion and everything in between. Manage basic workflows and document statuses, create and share versions or copies, export to PDF or Word using the integration with the Scroll Exporter apps, and keep track of your documents in Confluence.

Available for Confluence Cloud and Server

Scroll Documents for Confluence

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