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Manage and control documents in Confluence: Control versions, workflows, exports & more with powerful document management functionality in Confluence.

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Policy and Procedure Documents Illustration

Policy and Procedure Documents

Create and maintain policy and procedure documents in Confluence and track their evolution over time. Manage versions, exports, read confirmations, policy reviews and approvals, and always provide the most up-to-date documentation to your team. 

Product Documentation Illustration

Product Documentation

Manage and maintain multiple versions of your product documentation with Scroll Documents. Author documentation in your team’s Confluence space and publish versions to a public space that can be accessed by your users as new versions are released.

Proposals and Contracts Illustration

Proposals and Contracts

Assemble new proposals or contracts from existing pages anywhere in your instance, give access to your team for reviews and revisions, and collaborate on details in real-time to craft a proposal that speaks to each client's requirements.

Flexible Document Assembly

The flexible document builder enables you to create multi-page documents your way: Assemble a document from existing pages anywhere in your Confluence instance with options to include existing pages, copy pages, or add new pages to a document. Drag and drop pages to reorder the structure and define a custom hierarchy for each document.

Save, Compare, and Track Versions

Manage milestones and track changes by saving and managing versions of your multi-page documents. Freeze and restrict updates to saved versions and easily compare versions side-by-side to see a scope of changes made to your documents over time.

Save, Compare, and Track Versions Illustration
Review, Approve, and Track Changes Illustration

Review, Approve, and Track Changes

Track versions, workflow transitions, and updates to individual pages of the document. Control document access via enhanced restrictions, set and track workflow statuses to manage the approval and release process, and send and record read confirmations to keep your team in the know.

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Available for Confluence Cloud, Server, and Data Center

Scroll Documents for Confluence

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