Scroll Documents for Confluence

New release on the way: Manage multiple Confluence pages as a single unit of content – a document! – and modernize your document management process in Confluence.

One Home for Your Documents Illustration

One Home for Your Documents

Stop managing content in multiple places and move away from expensive and disorganized document management systems. Create and manage your documents with Confluence instead.

Flexible Document Management Illustration

Flexible Document Management

The flexibility of traditional document management brought to life in Confluence. Manage collections of Confluence pages as a document, create versions or copies, manage templates, export to Word or PDF, and more.

Get Every Team on Confluence Illustration

Get Every Team on Confluence

Break down content silos by extending Confluence to teams who still rely on traditional document formats. Teams in HR, legal, office, and sales can now collaboratively manage documents in Confluence with Scroll Documents.

Browsable Documents Overview Illustration

Browsable Documents Overview

Access, organize, classify, and filter documents from one place in Confluence, and use document metadata like labels and descriptions to view document details at a glance.

Distraction-Free Viewing and Interaction

Stay in context with the dedicated, scrollable Viewer. Read, manage, and interact with all the pages of a document at once without the distraction of the surrounding Confluence UI.

Distraction-Free Viewing and Interaction Illustration
Manage the Document Lifecycle in Confluence Illustration

Manage the Document Lifecycle in Confluence

Manage the lifecycle of your documents from creation to deletion and everything in between. Add basic workflows and statuses, create versions or copies, export to PDF or Word, and more.


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