Scroll Documents

Handle multi-page content as a single unit – modernize your document management process with Atlassian Confluence.

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Scroll Documents

A document is a tree of Confluence pages that are managed as one piece of content – with Scroll Documents.

Ease of access

See all documents in one place, where the information is always up-to-date. Save the time lost from digging through file shares and managing different document formats.

Simplified management

Search, filter, and view document metadata at a glance. Designate existing content or create new documents right inside Confluence using all of its collaborative power.

Change control

Manage content changes, create milestones, and track history by versioning documents how you want to – in the ways that work best for your team.

Documents Index provides overview and access

Get a high-level look at all documents in a space on the Documents Index page. Search and filter tools make access to the repository of documents easy for all Confluence users.

Scroll Documents

Document byline shows version history

Clicking the 'Documents' byline in Confluence brings up a quick look at a document's version history including helpful metadata.

Scroll Documents

Track changes and control versions

Compare different document versions to track and control the changes made to content and structure in Confluence over time.

Scroll Documents

Export Documents with Scroll PDF and Scroll Word Exporter

Scroll PDF and Scroll Word Exporter users can export versions of their documents to PDF or Word format quickly and easily thanks to a seamless integration with these popular Confluence apps.

scroll documents confluence export pdf word

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