Help Your Customers, Team, and Partners Know How

Transform knowledge into impact with the Scroll Apps for Confluence.

Enablement for All

Publish and Share the Right Content with the Right Audience.

Author With Ease

Turn your team's knowledge into impactful enablement by creating, collaborating, changing, and publishing it in any format, anywhere.

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Enable Your Customers

Transform Confluence into beautifully-structured, interactive, and searchable enablement for your customers, team, and clients.

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What are the Scroll Apps for Confluence?

The Scroll Apps are a collection of native Confluence apps that let you manage and publish your team’s content and documentation. As a Confluence user, you have the flexibility to install only the apps you need, so you aren’t pressured into purchasing features you won’t use. Already using Confluence? Get started for free!
Scroll Wr-app Up: Quarter 2, 2024

What's new and what's on the horizon? Check out the latest features and improvements coming your way. This edition: The new PDF Template Library, Scroll Content Quality release, and big updates coming to HTML Exporter.

Use Cases

Confluence powers your team, Scroll Apps power your know-how. Together they enable you to create flexible, extensible enablement material to support your team, enable your clients, and educate your customers.

Customer Enablement

Turn your Confluence content into beautiful help centers, knowledge bases, or learning portals that are easy to build, modify and publish.

Deliver a rich enablement experience for your customers, with custom branding, domains, layouts, versioned and multi-lingual content, and more.

Team Enablement

Unlock the powerful collaborative features of Confluence and accomplish more as a team

Create and centralize essential documents that can be customized, tracked, versions, and shared with anyone both inside and outside the organization.

Project Enablement

Keep everyone on track with transparent, up-to-date project documentation straight from Confluence.

Create effective project documentation, contracts, quotes, status reports, statements of work, and so much more.

Product Enablement

Empower your sales teams, partners, and clients with the information they need to understand, sell, and use your product effectively.

Transform your Confluence documentation into useful guides, battlecards, manuals, how-to articles, release notes, training material, and so much more.

Create Beautiful, Professional PDFs From Confluence

Do more with your Confluence content by exporting it with Scroll PDF Exporter.

Choose from a ready-made template to create beautifully-styled documents in minutes!

Scroll Apps Success Chronicles

Real Stories and Examples from Our Customers

Style, Present & Share Content

Publish Enablement and Help Content

Enable your customers, employees and partners with the information they need anytime, anywhere. Publish content as a help center, public or private knowledge base, or deliver content offline as custom-styled PDF and Word documents.

Create a Branded Help Center

Publish your documentation as a beautiful help center. Tailor the experience with a custom domain, layout, logos, navigation and more. 

Publish Professional Documents

Turn your content into beautiful PDF and Word documents with rich output functionality and full control over styling.

Access Publicly or Privately

Cant share everything with everyone? Control exactly which content is published and who can view it. Make your help center available to the public or require a login to access information.

Themes & Styles Without the Code

Use the pre-built themes or make use of the WYSIWYG template editors to customize everything: headers, footers, colors, table of contents, and more – all while previewing the result in real time.

Connect and Integrate

Connect your support system and Google tools and even embed help content directly in your product. Integrations with 500+ apps enable you to enhance your content with insightful analytics, article feedback, and more.

Publish Versions, Variants & Translations

Deliver the right content to the right audience. Publish multiple versions, variants or translations of your content, and use conditional content to deliver documents based on role, deployment type, and other customer needs. 
Collaborate, Create & Manage Content

Confluence: Your Team’s Home for Knowledge and Documentation

Built on Confluence

A collaborative workspace where your whole team can contribute their knowledge and create a single source of truth. Trusted by 60,000+ customers worldwide.

Collaborate & Align

Comments, notifications, read requests, search, and analytics make it easy to collaborate, give feedback and keep track of work asynchronously.

Structure & Organize

Structure and rearrange documentation on the fly. Create workspaces for every team or product and organize knowledge into topics to make information easy to find and update.

Get Rolling with Templates

Not sure where to start? Choose from dozens of out-of-the-box templates or create and customize your own to help standardize your teams knowledge and processes. 

Save & Compare Versions

Keep track of updates with automatic article history and the option to roll back to previous versions. Save and publish versions on command and compare documentation to see whats changed over time.

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