Backbone Issue Sync Summer Releases

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Summer is in full swing here in Germany – and while beer garden visits are a lot more fun when it's warm in the evening, the K15t team is still hard at work building great collaboration software every day. Backbone Issue Sync for JIRA continues to be a big focus for us, with the add-on gaining features & bug fixes via two new version releases within the last two weeks. Here are a few notes to let you know what's new in Backbone.

Epic Synchronization for JIRA Software

When we work in JIRA Software and plan the development of big features, we often group them together in epics. The process behind building an epic involves defining a user story, describing the bigger features, and assigning the smaller issues to it to break up the work. When you view an epic inside JIRA or use the special JIRA Software Boards, you can see an overview of which issues belong to which epic. The latest Backbone release adds support for synchronizing information about epics (Epic Name, Epic Status and Epic Color) as well as synchronizing the link between issues and epics across JIRA instance borders. It's one more step in keeping B2B JIRA projects, or even inter-departmental JIRA projects, synched up and on track. Simply create the corresponding field mappings for the epic fields, and you're good to go with epic synchronization.

Field Mapping Functionality and Request Option

For every synchronization solution, being able to transfer "all the data" to the other side is fundamentally important. But as you might imagine with thousands of companies using JIRA worldwide, it's not so easy to support "all the use cases". One team's requirement might be simply to map a text field to a text field, while another's could be to get the release date from a version and supply it to a date field. The synchronized combination possibilities are infinite.

Backbone currently supports quite a large number of fields and corresponding mappings between them, but there are certainly combinations out there which are not yet built in. This is why we've now made it easier to request new field mappings right from the field mapping wizard in Backbone. These requests go directly to our support team, and we're listening closely. Don't be shy – let us know what you're after and we'll do our best to make it happen!

As an example of how we're walking this talk, The latest Backbone releases feature additional field mappings for the Groovy scripted fields of Adaptavist's Scriptrunner, and for Cascading Select fields. Both of these new field mappings were requested directly by our users.

Squashin' Bugs

Last but not least, we've busted some bugs: If you use multiple workflows within a project, Backbone's workflow mapping section sometimes showed some weird validation errors. These are now solved. We also found a bug in JIRA and implemented a workaround for it for Backbone users. If you want to support us in this effort, vote on the real solution here.

Start collaborating across JIRA borders today with Backbone Issue Sync.