Sync Issues Between Two Jiras – Install Backbone on Only One

Use remote licensing to collaborate across two Jiras even if you can’t install Backbone on both instances.

two Jira instances synced with backbone issue sync for jira
When Should You Use Backbone Remote Licensing?

Your Jira partner is restricted by security protocols and can't install Jira apps but you still need to sync issues in real-time.

Key Features

Why Choose Backbone Remote Licensing?

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Sync with multiple Jiras

Connect with multiple Jira endpoints using a single Backbone installation.

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Get started right away

Installation is quick and simple using an XML file and the sync works with full functionality.

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Circumvent strict security policies

Sync Jira issues even behind strict security settings. The only solution of its kind available for Jira.
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One license to rule them all

Avoid re-installation of Backbone when switching from one customer project to another.

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