Collaborate and Manage Projects Better Across Jira Instances

Sync Jira Issues for Both Cross-Project (Internal) and Cross-Company (External) Jira Instances.


Why Do You Need Backbone for Better Project Management?

Problem Collaborating with clients, partners, or colleagues on Jira and keeping them up to date can get tough, especially when working across different Jira projects or instances. You might need to manually copy, email, or bulk clone Jira issues, wasting precious time while running the risk of errors.    
Solution Backbone Issue Sync for Jira solves that problem by helping you automate linking, copying, and synchronization of Jira issues across projects and instances. This would allow you to save time, improve operational visibility, and stay focused on doing what you love.    
Key Features
two Jira instances are synced with backbone issue sync for jira

Automate Project Collaboration

Using Backbone, you can connect multiple Jira projects with each other, both within and outside your organisation. After Jira projects are paired, all Jira issues will be linked and automatically synchronized and updated in real-time.

Complete Issue Sync Flexibility

Thanks to the intuitive JQL editor, you get full control over which Jira issues to sync. This also applies to Jira data such as custom fields, comments, attachments, and project versions. In addition, it is possible to sync Jira issues for all combinations of Jira Cloud, Server, or Data Center instances. Since you never leave your own Jira instance, you can keep your own workflows.

a secured castle

Data Security and Privacy

Backbone’s Cloud Fortified status guarantees the best possible security, performance reliability, and support. In addition, by selecting between uni-directional or bi-directional settings, you can allow either one side or both sides to make changes to the Jira issues, therefore giving you complete control over the data flow. Fool-proof security is ensured as only authorized people can change the Jira issue sync's settings.

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