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Streamline Customer Service by Syncing Jira Service Management With Internal-Facing Jira Projects

The speed and quality of your customer service can make or break your business. If you use an IT Service Management tool like Jira Service Management (JSM), you are already collaborating with the technical teams to resolve customer requests at high velocity. But it can get cumbersome to manually copy and update customer support tickets and comments back and forth from the Jira Service Desk to the internal Jira instance. Either that or you have to buy JSM agent licenses for every internal team member to give them direct access, which can rack up operational costs.

Luckily, you can use Backbone to connect and synchronize JSM issues directly with internal Jira projects. Backbone will link, copy, and synchronize Jira issues and comments across Jira instances and automatically update every change to keep all teams up to speed in real-time.

Remove Communication Silos

Backbone brings customer-facing IT support and internal development teams closer together! When a customer sends a request via JSM, the support team can use Backbone to send the Jira ticket directly to the internal Jira project. Since no one has to leave their own workflow, customer ticket resolution is accelerated. The teams also get granular control over what Jira data gets synchronized using the intuitive JQL editor and can decide on the flow of information via uni- or bi-directional control settings.

Stay Flexible and Cut Costs

You don’t need to buy additional JSM agent licences for your internal teams to collaborate, thus saving a fortune in licensing costs. Backbone can link, copy, and sync Jira issues between Jira Software, Service Management, and Work Management (on Cloud, Server, and/or Data Center), even behind strict firewalls! This enables you to squash bugs, resolve incidents, and respond to changes without being bound by technical or financial restrictions.

Improve Operational Visibility

The customer service quality can be taken to another level as the comments made on the JSM customer portal can be directly synchronized with internal Jira projects. You can even use key words/phrases to sync specific comments from the internal Jira project to the customer portal, and vice versa. This eliminates the time wasted in manually updating Jira issues and comments and streamlines customer success workflows.

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