Define Conditional Content in Confluence Server and Data Center with Scroll Versions

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For conditional content management, Scroll Versions give you the tools you need. You can display variants of content and entire pages based on one or more attributes.

This is the best solution when you have multiple content variations in Confluence that you want to display based on multiple conditions. As an example: a reader could be an admin using your Android app to read your content, or a developer working with your iOS app.


In Scroll Versions, you can create two attributes:

  • Audience — Admins, Developers
  • Operating System — Android, iOS

Conditional Page Content

When you write content – either pieces of content or entire pages – you can select which attributes each has. So you can make a general "Installing the App" topic for all audiences, but then have conditional instructions on the page for downloading and installing the app on either Android or iOS.

Conditional Page

You could also have a "Setting Up Your Development Environment" page that is linked to both Android and iOS but only displays for developers.

With attributes assigned to your variable content, you can display and publish meaningful combinations of attributes as variants to your readers.

Learn more about Scroll Versions for Confluence Server and Data Center to see how you can use it for conditional content management.