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Keep Your Content Structured and Consistent Across Confluence

Orderly’s flexible database system is a new way to organize content and information. Keep everyone and everything connected.

Use Cases

Solutions by Team


Gather Requirements as an Idea Board With Confluence

Bring all the information you need to develop a great product into one database. Simplify planning or information search and make it easily accessible to everyone.


Manage a Content Backlog With Confluence

Track your pieces of content and creative assets from creation to completion. Provide a single source of truth that everyone can rely on.


Set Up an Employee Directory With Confluence

Store, visualize, and update your people data all in one place. Create an overview of all your HR info and show relations between your employees and teams.


Master Your Partner Management With Confluence

Keep track of all the partners you work with as well as all their details. Effortlessly document all communication and maintain great relationships with each of them.


Sort Your Company’s Tools and Licenses With Confluence

Organize and manage everything related to software and licenses used in your company. Help to manage your processes efficiently with the right tools.

Structure and Organize Your Content

Orderly Databases for Confluence database view

Build Lightweight Databases to Structure Information in Confluence

Introduce a consistent structure to your content and give life to information that would otherwise be stuck in Confluence tables or page properties.

Orderly Databases for Confluence database ui with highlight

Match Every Type of Data

Easily capture and store information and metadata – data like team members involved, a due date, or the page status. Choose the right format from multiple field types like select lists and labels.

Animation showing two tables on of it being Orderly Databased for Confluence

Create Engaging Content in a Snap

Transform dull, static data from tables into a long-lasting and up-to-date database structure with contextual information.

Collect, Customize, and Store Rich Content

Simplify Content Creation

Automate the creation of new pages with Orderly. Use templates to make adding new data fun for users, while still keeping it manageable and consistent.

Update Data Without Disconnecting It

Edit data inline from anywhere without opening the page editor and your changes will automatically reflect all over Confluence.

Smart Fields for Smart Data

Databases don’t have to be dry. Enrich your content with dates, user mentions, images, and even other Confluence pages.

Display Data Everywhere and in Every Way

Add Database Content to Any Page

Don’t just let your data sit around. From entire databases to individual data values, you can display data anywhere in Confluence with Orderly macros.

Find Your Way to Look at Data

Multiple data views from tables to cards allow you and your team to choose the best way to make your data shine.

Focus on the Relevant Information

Group, sort, and filter data to display only the information that matters most to your team. Tailor it to fit your exact needs.

Orderly Scales With Your Team and Organization

Stay in Control of Your Data

As your teams and data grow, define who can view, edit, or manage a database. Ensure that only the intended users have the necessary permissions.

Import Data Into Confluence

Give data from various tools and sources a new forever home and easily import it to Orderly databases in Confluence.

Bring Information Together

Data is a collective term for good reason. Amplify your structured content by linking and consolidating databases.