The Confluence Advent Calendar for Any Season; Join for the Prizes, Stay for the Best Practices

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Go ahead and publish that Confluence page and check the date under the title*. Yeah, you saw that right–Its December. The year is almost over, the holiday vacation is on its way, and you’re probably experiencing one of these types of seasons:

  • Advent season: the year is wrapping up nicely, projects are coming to a close, and you’re right on track for vacation.

  • Ad-Vent season: things are a bit stressful right now. You’re really pushing to wrap everything up in time.

  • Ad-Invent season**: projects are already coming to a close, which means you get to focus on what’s coming next year.

So, Confluence friends, no matter what type of season you’re starting today, we’ve got something to liven it up!

Today (1st of December) is the start of the Confluence best practice advent calendar/prize/raffle/giveaway extravaganza (CBPACPRGE)! Rather than spending more time improving the name of this month long celebration of the best of Confluence, we’ve invested our time stuffing it with holiday goodness!

  • Subscribe to the Rock the Docs newsletter for a chance to win one of three prizes:

    • An Apple TV (4K, 32GB) and a K15t Swag Pack

    • An Apple HomePod Mini and a K15t Swag Pack

    • A K15t Swag Pack

  • Visit our advent calendar every day of December for a new 1 minute Confluence best practice video.

  • Share with a teammate to help stuff their stockings with prizes and their brains with Confluence best practices.***

The CBPACPRGE is perfect for you, and your team, no matter the type of season you’re going through:

  • Advent season: give your team the gift of awesome with Confluence best practices.

  • Ad-Vent season: wrap things up faster with Confluence best practices.

  • Ad-Invent season****: become a pro for 2023 with Confluence best practices.

So enter to win the holiday raffle, follow K15t on social media so you don’t miss a new video, and, of course, share this with a teammate.

Wishing you a nice warm cup of collaboration,

The Rock the Docs team

Enjoy 24 days of Confluence Best Practices
Visit the advent calendar

[Side notes]

*You’ll actually need to click the text after “Last updated:” to get into the page history to see the date.

**Yes, we know this one is a bit of a stretch, so we challenge you to come up with a better name for this season, with the word “advent” in it. Go ahead and drop it in the comments.

***Sounds a bit messier than it actually is. We promise.

****See the side note above and we’ll see you in the comments.