Announcing a New K15t Product

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At K15t we believe modern problems require modern solutions. We also believe that old problems require old solutions. Problems like sending physical documents to people in another part of the world. As we offer Confluence-based solutions, we found the perfect solution to the problem with our new app: Scroll Fax Exporter for Confluence!

The concept is simple. You can export a single page or entire spaces within Confluence and send them as a fax. From the export menu, you enter the number of the fax machine you wish to send your documents to, and with a single click those pages will be sent over the information superhighway and be printed out as a beautiful fax on the other end.

We realized at K15t that in order to make great better, sometimes you needed to reach backwards to leap forward. With the power of Scroll Fax Exporter for Confluence, you can amplify the Atlassian experience for everybody, including those for whom the mobile phone is still an advanced piece of technology. With the help of our app we hope we can empower your team to do what you do best!

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