Everything Atlassian Customers Need to Know Now (Infographic)

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Atlassian has announced major changes to its Server and Data Center offerings, which heavily impact many long-term users of Atlassian software – ourselves included.

We see this as yet another bold step for Atlassian, but despite the downsides and efforts that come with it, we do think it's the right step into the future. We are also confident that Atlassian Cloud will become the right choice for almost all Atlassian users within the next 3 years. In our experience, Atlassian has delivered what they promised, and we anticipate a kept promise when it comes to adding what's missing in their Cloud offering too.

Act Now: Be in the Know and Plan Your Migration

Now is time to act: Every Atlassian customer needs to inform themselves about the migration options they have and get the best prices in the process. Along with this infographic, we have compiled a summary of what every Atlassian customer needs to know now:

Plan Your App Migration

Part of planning a migration to Cloud is assessing your apps' Cloud-readiness. If you are using K15t's Scroll Apps for Confluence or Backbone Issue Sync for Jira, we're pleased to share that most of these apps are Cloud-ready! Learn more about feature parity and deployment and migration availability: