Scroll Viewport Price Change

As the use of Atlassian tools in organizations around the world grows, so does the demand for apps that enable teams to use these tools in new ways. The ecosystem is thriving with innovation, and it's a great thing for both end users and for app vendors like us.

A side effect of this however, is a growing web of dependencies between apps, and increased demand on support and development teams to keep things running smoothly in more complex environments. 

With Scroll Viewport in particular, server prices have remained stable for the past six years and data center prices still had the introductory discount applied. However, with the recent additions to its functionality, while continuing to provide support, our first-ever price increase has become necessary.

We never take such increases lightly, and we try to do them as infrequently as possible. Effective February 17th 2020, Scroll Viewport prices will be raised to the levels outlined below, with the exception of the 10 User starter license.

Prices listed for the server apps are for the initial purchase and first year of maintenance and support, data center prices listed are for an annual subscription. Maintenance and support can be renewed in subsequent years at 50% off of the first year purchase price for server apps.

Note: App purchases, renewals, and quotes made before February 17th 2020 will retain the current pricing. If you've been considering renewing, a decision to do so now would allow you to take advantage of the old pricing. Don't hesitate to contact us at if you have questions, or if you want to get a quote.

Server pricing effective Feb. 17, 2020

User tier

Scroll Viewport price

10 Users$10 (unchanged)

Data center pricing effective Feb. 17, 2020

User tier

Scroll Viewport price

500 Users$2000

How we invest in app development

New functionality

Our product teams work closely with customers and Atlassian Solution Partners to receive and discuss feedback and to prioritize improvements. Additional input also comes from our support and documentation folks, and we have public boards for our products where improvement issues can be tracked and voted on.

Better user experience

We've made a big push to add UX-specialized team members, particularly in the last year, and it's making a big difference in the usability of our apps. We're at the forefront of the Atlassian ecosystem in terms of the effort we put into user experience, and we pledge to continue to make this a defining advantage of our products.

Improved performance

As the Atlassian platforms evolve, APIs improve, and the technology we use to build and run our apps makes strides, we push the concept of continuous improvement in our release cycles – striving to not just add new features, but to make existing functionality work faster and more reliably.