Generate In-app Help

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If your team makes apps, you can provide a great experience for users by giving them access to the information they need right within your user interface. There are a few different options for creating in-app help, depending on how your app provides access to your help documentation.

Embed Online Help Center Content into Your App

Scroll Viewport is a Confluence app that enables your team to deliver their documentation as a custom help center. Scroll Viewport also makes it possible to give users instant access to online content right from your app. In Scroll Viewport, you can get unique URLs to embed as buttons or links within your app. These links are always up to date, even as you publish newer versions of your documentation. The combination of your app's user interface and your online help documentation provides a seamless information exchange to your users.

For example:

If a user is on the "Create an Account" screen in your app and taps the "Help" button you've added, a dialog box appears with a visually simplified snippet of the "Creating an Account" page from your help center. They can browse the content to find a solution and then quickly close the dialog to continue within your app.

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Learn more about Scroll Viewport.

Embed Offline Help Content into Your App

If your app has offline in-app help, you can use Scroll Exporters to bring your Confluence Server content directly into your user experience. With Scroll exporters for Confluence Server, you can export your documentation in the following formats:

  • Microsoft Compiled HTML Help
  • DocBook
  • EclipseHelp