Export an HTML Site

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Want to host your documentation on your own web server? Export it as an HTML site. The great thing about HTML content is that it's dynamic, so it can scale for the size of the screen your readers are using. And while maintaining a web server and hosting your own HTML content isn't for everyone, it might be just what your team is looking for.

Export as Basic HTML

If you have a publishing tool that can use raw HTML pages, you may want to export all the pages in your publishing space as HTML files.

To export your space as an HTML file, use the HTML Export included in Confluence. These pages include all content from each page, including comments.

This approach is great for getting raw HTML for the pages in your space, but requires a lot of work cleaning up the content, theming it, and recreating some macros which don't export well.Confluence HTML Export

Export as an HTML Help Site with Scroll HTML Exporter

If you're using Confluence Server or Data Center, you can use Scroll HTML Exporter to export a space as a full HTML site complete with custom theme and search.

When exporting using Scroll HTML Exporter, you can:

  • Determine the pages included in the site
  • Create multiple custom themes
  • Enable quick exports with defined settings using export schemes

Confluence Help Center HTML Export

Learn more about Scroll HTML Exporter for Confluence Server and Datacenter.