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Sometimes a good old document is just what your readers need. There are a few different options for exporting content in different formats.

Export Pages as Documents

If you only need to export a page or two as a PDF or Microsoft® Word document, use the page export included in Confluence. When a page is exported, it has no theming or formatting control; so the document looks a bit blank. This can be a good approach for quickly sharing documentation in a format that can be read offline, but isn't preferable, since you must manually export each page as a separate document. There are also no content control or theming options.

PDF export

Word export

Export Your Space and Theme the Document with Scroll Exporters

To export your entire space as a fully formatted PDF or Microsoft® Word document, use Scroll PDF Exporter or Scroll Word Exporter. When you export pages with Scroll exporters, you have full control over the document that's created.

With Scroll exporters you can:

  • Export a page, collection of pages, or an entire space
  • Theme the document using a visual template editor
  • Create and use multiple custom themes
  • Designate which page content to export

PDF export

Word export

Learn more about Scroll Exporters.