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As you iterate your product, it's important to write and maintain documentation for each version. With Confluence, your team can control each change to a page and space to ensure the correct changes end up in the relevant version.

This means you can publish the right documentation for the most recent release, document minor releases, and prepare for the next major release before it's even out.

What is Document Version Control?

Document version control enables your team to develop a new version of your documentation for each new release of your product. Not only can you manage the latest documentation for your users, you can also maintain, organize, and share previous versions when necessary. With a version control approach in place, your team can be sure that documentation updates are shared with the group of users for which they're relevant.

How Does Version Control Work?

There are multiple approaches your team can use to manage different versions of your documentation. Some involve a manual process that can work well for a small set of documentation content, whereas others utilize apps to automate the experience across a large set of documentation in Confluence.