The best solution for professional teams working with Git

Reliable workflow

Bitbucket makes sure software developers and project managers can control their work processes. Workflows are set up for pending tasks according to the needs of the team, and everyone knows which step needs to be completed next. Bitbucket supports a variety of Git workflows.

Integration with Jira Software

Thanks to seamless integration, your team has a complete overview of the development lifecycle. Pull-requests can be opened directly via JIRA Software, enabling code to be reviewed before it gets merged into master. This improves the code quality and increases the level of knowledge in the team.


With its additional Data Center option, Bitbucket gives your team great scalability. The load is adapted to current data volumes. This means additional resources can be provided at peak times. With Smart mirroring you can set up local Mirror nodes in geographically distributed locations, to accelerate Git clones and fetches for remote teams.

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