Support and Hosting Services for Your Atlassian Systems

Secure, stable and reliable. We'll look after your Atlassian infrastructure so you can concentrate on what's important: your business.

Support and Hosting Services for Your Atlassian Systems
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Atlassian Cloud, Server or Data Center

Flexible Installation

Cloud, Server or Data Center – there are a variety of ways to install and operate Atlassian software.

Public cloud: Atlassian Cloud helps you get started quickly without long lead times. Users generally start off with preconfigured standard settings and don't need to worry about software updates. Extension options using Atlassian Marketplace apps are currently still limited and the maximum number of users is restricted to 5000.

Your own server and private cloud: The installation type Server or Data Center is used for installation in the customer's own data center or in a private cloud. In both cases, full control over the adaptation and integration of Atlassian applications is retained. Data Center installation is preferable if uninterruptible operation must be guaranteed due to business-critical processes, or if a high degree of scalability is needed.

For all installation types, we provide comprehensive support for administrating and configuring your Atlassian applications.

Atlassian Cloud, Server or Data Center

Our Hosting and Support Services

Remote Server Support

If you are running your Atlassian applications in your own data center, we'll support your operation team in administrating and configuring the applications. Our Support Team will take on individual specific tasks or fully operating your Atlassian products.

Managed Hosting Service

With our Managed Hosting service, our Support Team takes on the operation of all your Atlassian applications in the private cloud. You don't need to worry about the infrastructure or the operation of your Atlassian Server or Data Center applications.

Extended Cloud Support

Concentrate on your business right from the start and rely on the expertise of our Support Team. You can choose between project assistance on a case-by-case basis or continuous support. We can provide you with individual support services for administrating and configuring your Atlassian Cloud applications.

Expert Support for You

Years of Experience

We are an Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner, with more than 16 years' experience with Confluence, Jira and other Atlassian products.

German Language Support

Benefit from our direct contact with the Atlassian Team. Our technical experts are based close to you and speak German.


Our highly-qualified staff are certified by Atlassian.

Services from a Single Source

We can advise you on the deployment and operation of Atlassian and develop professional Atlassian apps.

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