Atlassian Consulting and Optimization

Atlassian Consulting and Optimization

Our consultants help you get the most out of your Atlassian products: with training, individual extensions, integration with existing systems and much more.

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Flexible and Individual

Customize Atlassian Perfectly

Atlassian software can be used very flexibly and will adapt to almost every environment and style of working.

  • Configuration: Thanks to extensive configuration options, such as user authorizations, workflows, optimization, integrations with other tools and much more, Atlassian tools can be used almost everywhere.
  • Marketplace apps: Apps extend the functionality of Atlassian's products – for example, with time tracking, test management, extended reporting functions and professional documentation. The Atlassian Marketplace offers more than 3,500 apps, which are developed and supported by third-party vendors.
  • Individual extension and integration: Developers can make individual adjustments, or build extensions and integrations with other systems. Atlassian provides an open programming interface for this.

We've got a lot of experience configuring and installing Atlassian products and Apps. We are able to develop individual extensions and customize Atlassian so it is perfectly adjusted for your business.

Our Consulting Services

Consulting and Roll-out

We will work with you to find the best way to use Jira, Confluence and more. We'll stay by your side through each phase of deployment and operation. We also offer customized training so your staff can get the most out of Atlassian too.

App Consulting & Development

The Atlassian Marketplace offers more than 3,500 extensions. We can advise you on which apps might fit your use case, and test their stability and scalability in your individual environment. If we can't find the right app, we'll develop a customized app for you with the functions you need.


Every company has an individual mixture of systems and applications. We'll help you integrate Atlassian products into your existing software landscape. It doesn't matter if it's CRM, a help desk, a development tool or your own single-sign-on solution: we'll bring your system and Atlassian together.


Do you have multiple Jira servers and would like to manage your projects centrally in a single instance? Do you have an Atlassian Cloud system and would like to move it onto your own server? We have many years of experience consolidating and migrating Atlassian products. Use our expertise and save yourself time and frayed nerves.

Analysis & Optimization

It is common for companies to use more and more Atlassian products over the years. So it's becoming increasingly important for systems to run stable and reliable. We know all about performance optimization, scaling and data security. Get in touch with us if you want to know how your system is doing.

We Are Atlassian Experts

Our Experience

We've been supporting Atlassian software in companies large and small for many years now. This has given us a huge amount of experience, enabling us to develop a solution with you quickly.

Focusing on Atlassian

Atlassian products are our core business. This means our consultants are specialists in the application and optimization of Jira, Confluence, Bitbucket and other Atlassian tools for your business.

Our Network

Make use of our contacts with Atlassian and many Marketplace app vendors to get fast answers and direct access to information.

Top App Vendor

Our development expertise means we can come up with professional extensions in-house – because in addition to our range of services, we also develop some of the most successful Atlassian Marketplace apps.

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