Buying Atlassian Licenses

Buying Atlassian Licenses

We'll help you choose and adapt your Atlassian licenses. With us, you can make the most of your investment.

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Software for better Collaboration

Atlassian software like Jira, Jira Service Management, Confluence and Bitbucket help teams work better together. To use the software efficiently, choosing the right extensions is also important.

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Software for better Collaboration

Choose Your License Model

Atlassian Licensing – How It Works

Atlassian offers a wide selection of license models for the deployment types Data Center or Cloud.

  • Data-Center (Subscription): Vendor support and product updates are included during the Data Center license leasing period of one year. Afterwards, you can continue using a read-only version of the software. One license can be installed on multiple nodes.
  • Cloud (Subscription): During the leasing period, vendor support, product updates and all operating costs for the Atlassian Cloud infrastructure are included. After the leasing period expires, the software can no longer be used. The data will be deactivated and deleted after a transition period.

Atlassian offers special licenses and service packages for corporate clients – such as Enterprise License Agreements and Atlassian Premier Support.

We can take care of sourcing new licenses and will support you when it's time to extend your license. At the same time, we never lose sight of your future requirements and we'll highlight potential savings you could make from early extensions, upgrades or downgrades.

Get More Out of Your Atlassian Licenses

The purchase of licenses does not mean our work is done. Stay up-to-date.

Your Licenses at a Glance

We'll adapt the number of licenses you have to your requirements, and let you know in good time when your Atlassian and app licenses are about to expire. This means you can optimize your costs and only run the products which you actually need.

Adapting Licensing Periods

If all your Atlassian licenses expire at different times, it can be quite a job keeping track of them. We'll make sure the licensing interval is adjusted and easy to renew at common point in time.

Enterprise Licence Agreement (ELA)

As a corporate client, an ELA will help you simplify the purchasing process and make it much easier to provide licenses for your team. We'll help you calculate your requirements correctly and to spot cost advantages.

Security Warnings

We'll inform you in good time about vulnerabilities in your security. This means you can react quickly and make use of our support if you need it. As an active support customer, you will profit from our update service from our experienced experts.

Price Increases

If Atlassian or an App partner increases their license prices, we'll let you know in good time. As partner of various app vendors, we can offer existing customers extended transition periods and can also get the best price for your license model for the future.

Atlassian Stack

Use the most important Atlassian products at a great price. If you're using nearly all the Atlassian products, Atlassian Stack could help reduce your license costs. The products are well-integrated with each other, which gives you additional benefits. Atlassian Stack is available for upwards of 1000 users.

License Management at K15t

Straightforward Processing

Benefit from our straightforward license processing, without currency risks within the quote period. Our quote validity period is long enough for your ordering process.

Invoices in EUR

Payment without credit card and with a payment target of 14 days. You will receive a correctly-set-out invoice with the VAT indicated separately as the law requires.

Information in German

Phone us during normal office hours and talk to a German-speaker (we also speak English if you prefer!).

A Direct Line

We have direct contact with Atlassian and the leading app vendors. Come straight to us with your questions; we can answer all your questions about license purchasing.

Any questions?

Give us a call:
+49 711 935 935-45

Nadine Wegener License Team

Nadine Wegener

License Team

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Gabriel da Cunha Lima

Licence Team

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