Why Documentation in Confluence? Confluence is ideal for modern teams who create documentation together. It's simple to use, built for collaboration, runs in a browser, and gets better with apps. yes no Rock the Docs no Create and Update Diagrams Use diagrams in Confluence to illustrate a complex process to help users more easily understand complex information. yes no Rock the Docs no Creating Beautiful Tables in Confluence Confluence makes it really easy for you to pack a lot of great information into your tables. But if you're not careful, your tables can end up filling entire pages and it can become very hard for your team to find exactly what they're looking for. Let's explore how to make tables useful and beautiful in Confluence. yes no Rock the Docs no Using Labels in Confluence – Order Is Half the Battle Confluence labels are a simple but powerful feature to categorize your content. Learn how labels can improve the usability of your team's documentation for those who manage it, and those who search for it. yes no Rock the Docs no Create Beautiful Diagrams To Make Your Documentation Stronger Our brains process visual information best. And when it comes to documentation, diagrams are the perfect visual companion to work alongside your written text. Let's explore when to use diagrams in your docs and how to make them useful and beautiful. yes no Rock the Docs no Context-Sensitive Help Vs. In-App Help: Which is More 'Helpful'? These terms are sometimes used interchangeably, but in practice they aren’t the same. Learn the difference between in-app help and context-sensitive help and which approach to use to deliver help content directly to users from within your app. yes no Rock the Docs no Must-Knows About Comments in Confluence There are a variety of ways to connect with your team in Confluence, with comments being the crowd favorite. Learn how to apply better feedback mechanisms in Confluence so your team can work better together. yes no Rock the Docs no Page Naming Conventions for Better Searchability in Confluence "Sorry, what was the name of that page again?" Here are some tips to help make sure your Confluence pages are found quickly and navigated in the right way. yes no Rock the Docs no When Sharing a Confluence Page Isn't the Best Option With so many ways to get your team's attention in Confluence, which method should you use and when? This article outlines the best ways to involve and engage your team in Confluence. yes no Rock the Docs no